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Wedding As Design: My Most Exciting Project Yet

I can’t believe it’s almost been a year since my last blog post—wow, how time flies! I have been so focused on planning our wedding in my spare time that I haven’t given much love to my blog or website. I started to feel guilty about dropping the ball and not being more involved in design after work hours—design ‘for fun’ (which is not to say I don’t enjoy design ‘for work’), but realized that my wedding has been a design project itself. Not just flat, for-print-or-web-only design built in Creative Suite but expansive, experiential design. And the kind of design that gets me really excited.

You still have the fundamental web and print design elements—a beautifully crafted invitation suite, website, signage, etc., but those are just a few small pieces of the puzzle. The venue, season, decor, colors, attire, food, music and everything else influences the experience of your big day. Essentially it’s branding…and more specifically, sensory branding (which involves all five senses). You’re using sight, sound, touch, smell, and taste to evoke a certain feeling.

Like any branding project, I started by determining the “personality” (I’m going for rustic, eclectic, romantic, and festive), selecting a color palette, and creating a mood board. (Originally my mood board was a Pinterest board but it quickly became unwieldy, so I refined it into the one below.) Like any mood board, it serves as inspiration and guides the visual aesthetic.

fall wedding mood board gold aqua and wine

From there, you execute! Continue reading Wedding As Design: My Most Exciting Project Yet

Lust List: West Palm Beach Trip

west palm beach wish list

After this crazy winter we’ve had, I’ve been dying for some beach time. Normally Adam and I would drive to one of the mediocre Texas beaches that are a few hours away but this year we decided to take a trip to West Palm Beach. We leave in less than a week and I can. not. wait. I’ve been daydreaming about what to bring so I created a moodboard of my “lust list” — basically the things I’m lusting after and would bring if I had endless amounts of money to buy them with.

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1. Barton Perreira Shirelle Sunglasses // 2. Anna Sui Striped Chiffon Turban // 3. J. Crew Havana Clutch // 4. Maslin & Co Zebra Hide Beach Towel // 5. Fouta Beach Blanket // 6. Acacia Swimsuit

Designing the brand identity for Incandescent Creative

I began the design for Incandescent Creative in a rather roundabout way. After creating the logo I would only add other brand elements as needed—a business card here, a letterhead there. Very willy-nilly. It wasn’t until I enrolled in Seamless Creative’s class Beyond the Logo: Crafting a Brand Identity on Skillshare that I decided to focus on building a proper identity for Incandescent.

This was my first Skillshare class and it was awesome. It didn’t tell me much that I didn’t already know but it gave me much-needed motivation to finish my brand identity. This was during the Great Snowpocalypse of 2013 and our central heat was out. I spent three very cold days working while bundled in bed (one of my four freelance “offices,” in addition to my desk, kitchen table and nearby coffee shop.) The following is my process from creative brief (in which I refer to myself in third person—I know, it feels weird to me too—because it helped me separate myself into client and designer) to the final design.

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Be My Bridesmaid

This past Valentine’s Day I had what I decided was a very clever idea…I’d ask my friends to be bridesmaids via disguised Valentine’s cards that simply asked ‘will you be my bridesmaid?’ (And in one instance, ‘will you be my bridesman?’ for my best gay guy friend.)

diy valentines day card
Unfortunately I had this idea five days before V Day. Luckily I’m an art supply hoarder so I already had most of the supplies I needed (like a linoleum cutter and Speedy Carve Block—my new favorite thing.) I spent those five days cutting and folding paper, carving the linoleum block, printing it, arranging letter stamps, printing those and finally handwriting a quick note in each one before sticking them in red envelopes and dropping them in the mail (on the 14th—at least they were post-dated on V Day!)

handmade valentines day card
The one thing I would’ve done differently is not using screen printing ink to print the text. The letter stamps I used were pretty small and the ink was so thick and sticky that it would glob up on the stamps (oh my glob!) I had to clean each stamp every time so it would print clearly. A regular ink pad would probably have worked much better. Regardless, the cards were a BIG hit. Several of my ladies shared theirs on Instagram and Facebook and more importantly, everyone said yes!